Calling All Commercial Real Estate Deals. Will buy everything!

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Commercial Real Estate Buyer

I have connection with an individual with BILLIONS to spend on commercial deals of all types. If you have any commercial deals, or even hear of one, send it to me right away. He is buying.

Anything can work but of particular interest:

Commercial Real Estate Buyer

Commercial Medial Office Buyer

Single tenant NNN office, Industrial and Retail
Medical office in proximity to hospitals

Government leased class A&B

Commercial Real Estate Buyer

Office Tower Buyer

4 & 5 star hotels

Large Office buildings and Office Towers

Any Class A asset in large cities (includes US, Canada, Asia, and the UK)

Land that is well suited for Multifamily development
Existing buildings well suited for Luxury Condo conversion

Commercial Real Estate Buyer

Commercial Warehouse buyer

Basic criteria:
1. Has to be a deal. Loves the value add deals and will buy pretty much anything as long as the numbers work, but don’t come around asking for 3 CAP on empty NNN property based on pro-forma.
2. Must be direct or able to go direct.
3. Must not be widely marketed. The exception would be something that hasn’t sold and now the seller is ready to get real.

Oh yeah. He does private money lending too.

Call me if you have something!
Drew Woodley

11 Responses to Calling All Commercial Real Estate Deals. Will buy everything!

  1. Are you interested in or do you know of anyone who is interested in Canadian commercial properties ? We’re always looking for equity joint venture partners to do joint venture commercial and multi-family deals with us. Feel free to contact me anytime with my contact info below.

    Patrick Cheng
    Cell : 604-240-0571
    Email :

    • Castledermot says:

      Yes, we have buyers interested in Canadian commercial. Less interest than the US but still have interested parties. As far as JV goes, there is a real possibility here. I’ll email you directly to discuss it further.

  2. Steve Hendren says:

    Hi Drew

    Will your Buyer be willing to sign an NCND and at least initially provide a Buyers Bio/website, and then POF eventually? If so, we can do some business. Thanks.


    • Castledermot says:

      Initially, we will provide or sign the NCND. If they want to proceed, they will provide all the required proofing you need. They do not want to be inundated with projects from numerous sources, so we are handling the initial contact. If they like it, the seller will be connected directly to the buyer.

  3. Stephen Anderson says:

    I have access to two development projects, one in downtown Orlando and one in Vero Beach. They are well below cost. Also what about multifamily properties? What would be the typical numbers they are looking for: minimum # of units, minimum cap rate, minimum occupancy, etc.

    • Castledermot says:

      Because of the nature of the investment company, there are no strict requirements. They have a variety of potential strategies that include purchase, refinance and JV for example. I saw the specifics you posted, which I will keep private for now. Those are potentially good development projects so I will email you directly.

  4. We have lots of off-market commercial properties, if you are interested.

  5. Barry Biggs says:

    I am realtor that works with companies that have exclusively off- market properties; commercial/sfr reo from 50 million might be able to provide smaller portfolio’s from $ 10 million. All Cash with proof of funds plus buyer premiums. properties are mostly in Florida, Texas, California, New York State. Also npn , performing notes. Availability changes. Send specific criteria.

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