Bulk REO and NPN Packages

Bulk REO and NPN packages

If you are looking to maximize your purchase value, buying bulk REO and NPN packages are you best value. Available directly from the owner/seller, and targeted to your specifications.  We have relationships with banks and other private sellers.

REOs (Real Estate Owned) are properties which have been foreclosed on and taken possession by the lender.  An NPN (or Non Performing Note), is a loan that is delinquent and not collecting payments.  Both represent great potential opportunities to purchase properties at considerable discount.  The under riding issue of course is being able to deal with the problems inherited with these properties.

Bulk REO and NPN packages (or tapes) are an incredible value to buyers who are able to purchase in cash and have the capabilities to handle purchasing numerous properties at once.

Our process is simple:

1. Request and agree to our NCND using this contact form. Our sellers require that we have established this agreement with any buyer.  It functions to protect your sensitive information as well establish our relationship with you.  All contact details are required.

2. Send us your LOI specifying your desired asset type, areas of interest and purchase size.

3. Send us your Bio and website address.

4. Seller will call you directly to arrange delivery of package and make arrangements for your proof of funds.

Contact us today and we will get product in your hands right away. If you would like to know more. please give us a call now.  We are happy to answer your questions.